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"Thanks so much for compiling such a meaningful, enlightening and comforting have [the prophets] inspired words compiled and readily accessible in a book is wonderful...thanks so much, the book has been such a blessing." (Janie, IA)

"The book arrived on Saturday as you said it would.  My mom loves it; she even admitted to reading it in sacrament meeting...Now I'll have to order a copy."  (Nate, CO)

"Wow, your book is wonderful!...Hopefully it will benefit many people and do some good." (Maren; UT)

"I receive your wonderful book.  It looks great and I welcome the chance to help get the word out.  I certainly will recommend it to students....I hope the book sells well.  It deserves to." (George; UT)

"My daughter won't stop talking about your I must read it for myself....I thank you for your diligent research and observations and hope that my own expectations are fulfilled at last." (Connie; UT)

"Thank you for the great book!...I have friends that have asked the very questions you answer....I am so excited, even though I have only read half of it.  I really like it."  (Dorothy; OR)

"Thank you so much for the book; that is quite a book--you sure must of spent many hours, maybe years researching to find all that info."  (Fred; UT)

"The five copies of your beautiful book...arrived today and have already caused a great deal of admiring excitement among both the staff and clients who have seen it in the retail area of our adoption lobby."  (Katharine; UT)

"I looked at your Web site and I am so pleased someone has taken the time to write a book of this nature.  Congratulations on filling a niche that has been overlooked for far too long!"  (Sally; UT)

"I love it!  It's just what I had hoped it would be.  I got it yesterday and have already read half of it.  It's wonderful and has already answered many of my questions."  (Pat; UT)

  "It is wonderful!  I can't imagine how much work went into researching all those quotes and information...I am glad somebody (you) took this project on.  When our dog died a couple years ago my boys were devastated.  I researched for a good week any information I could find about the eternal nature of our pets.  The only thing I came across was the statement from Joseph Smith saying that he would see his horse in heaven."  (Connie; UT)

"...It was worth the wait.  I think a lot of the troubles in this world would fade away if we really cared for the earth and our fellow creatures.  Thank you."  (Millie; WA) 

"Very excited about your book--I think I have been waiting for this all of my adult life."  (Audrey; UT)

"I just got your book.  Holy mackerel!  What a treasure!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  (Aaron; MN)

  "The book is perfect in content and in presentation and in beautiful physical form. It arrived yesterday and I spent much time with it. It will do a job that needs to be done."  (Charles; UT)