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 . . Satan never owned the earth; he never made a particle of it; his labor is not to create, but to destroy; while on the other hand, the labor of the Son of God is to create, preserve, purify, build up and exalt all things . . .  -Brigham Young*

. . . If we are merely transients in an unexplainable world, we will act more like tourists than residents!  Men born into this planet are stewards.  -Ezra Taft Benson

Man’s dominion is a call to service, not a license to exterminate.  -Hugh Nibley

Nature helps us to see and understand God. . . . Love of nature is akin to the love of God; the two are inseparable.  -Joseph F. Smith

Can any man who has walked beneath the stars at night, can anyone who has seen the touch of spring upon the land doubt the hand of divinity in creation? . . . All of [the] beauty in the earth bears the fingerprint of the Master Creator.  -Gordon B. Hinckley

I love to view the things around me; to gaze upon the sun, moon, and stars; to study the planetary systems, and the world we inhabit . . . I could not help but believe there was a God, if there was no such thing as religion in the world.  -John Taylor

Kindness to animals and to all living things is one good way of expressing true religion.  -Joseph F. Smith

A true Latter-day Saint is kind to animals, is kind to every created thing, for God has created all.  -David O. McKay

If we maltreat our animals, or each other, the spirit within us, our traditions, and the Bible, all agree in declaring it is wrong.  -Brigham Young

Cruelty to animals is always the sign of a weak and little mind, whereas we invariably find really great men distinguished by their humanity.  -George Q. Cannon

What is even more serious than the wrongs inflicted upon dumb animals is the habit of wrong doing, for doing wrong to animals is but a stepping stone to the doing of wrong to our fellowmen.  -Joseph F. Smith

 *All quotations are fully referenced in the book.