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First Printing

Second Printing*

*From March to August (2004) I selectively sold copies of my book to individuals and bookstores to test the market.  I received several positive comments about the book.  However, one recommendation I heard frequently was the book was too expensive ($24.00).  This price was set due to substantial cover and interior design costs, in addition to an expected generous donation to the Humane Society and the Perpetual Education Fund.  All of these factors were reflected in the initial run (540 copies). 

In July it was evident that the book was selling and a reprint and distributor was warranted.  So with little change to the first edition, I reprinted the text (1,548 copies) and dropped the price ($16.95).  I believe a greater good will come from an increased circulation than a larger donation to the two non-profits.  Both printings are now available.